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Dare to Be Healthier.

Dare to Be Stronger.

Dare to Achieve Your Fitness Goals.


With Gloria Dare, you’ll receive:


A Strong Foundation

My commitment is to provide a safe and effective workout that strengthens as well as stretches your muscles. It is important to condition your body and build a strong foundation to support the work we will do.


Form Over Function

We start where you are and add small achievable progressions towards the goals we set. Challenge and mastery are keys to success in developing functional movements that will translate to everyday life.


As a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), I recognize imbalances in your body and can correct and improve your alignment ensuring a more effective and safe workout.


Long-Term Benefits

Throughout our sessions, clients achieve the long-term benefits of fitness including strength, flexibility, alignment, balance, and agility.


I have run marathons and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro so I understand conditioning, endurance, and adding modifications to achieve goals! 


Gain Strength

Workout sessions are individualized according to your distinctive background and goals. Goals have varied from wanting to become healthier to recovering from an injury to fitting into a wedding dress to maintaining independence and keeping active as we age.


As an ACE-PT, NASM-CES, and AFAA-GF certified trainer, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals.


According to one client, “There are three reasons why you should take a fitness class with Gloria Dare. The first is physical. The second is psychological. The last is Gloria Dare herself.” Read her full testimonial and others here.


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