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As a fitness and health advocate, Gloria spreads the message of a healthy lifestyle getting and staying in shape at any age through workshops and seminars.


Learn the benefits of strengthening your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Get tips and tricks to improve posture, flexibility, balance, and coordination.


These interactive talks include some exercise, so wearing comfortable clothes and shoes are requested.


Popular talks include:


Fitness at 40, 50, 60, & Beyond

We all age, but we can slow down the aging process. In this seminar, Gloria Dare shows how weight-bearing and resistance-training exercises help maintain bone mass and build strength giving us the stronger foundation we need for our 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. 

Senior Fitness

Bodies change as we get older. Bone and body mass can decline, coordination and balance challenges may occur, and muscles may weaken. In this workshop, Gloria Dare shows exercises specifically designed for seniors helping build core strength, coordination, and balance to protect our aging joints and maintain our active lifestyles.

Spring into Health & Fitness

Tis the season to Spring Into Fitness. Spring is a great time to start your fitness and nutrition goals. In this seminar, Gloria Dare discusses making your good health a priority with simple steps to incorporate exercise and healthy nutrition into your daily routine.

Cognition & Exercise

If we maintain our health and independence as we grow older the likelihood of cognitive decline decreases. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that combining physical exercise and cognitive challenges together improves  cognition more effectively than doing cognitive exercises alone. In this workshop, Gloria Dare will show you exercises and activities that engage both your brain and your body simultaneously. She will also offer challenging brain exercises that stimulate cognitive function in older participants allowing them to maintain independence and keep active as they age.

Stretch & Strengthen 

Go ahead, stretch your legs,  arms, and strengthen your back. When you increase your flexibility and range of motion, you can avoid injury, reduce stress, and alleviate soreness after a workout. Move from stretch to strengthen, where a strong foundation is built allowing you to move through life with confidence. In this workshop, Gloria Dare shows you a variety of stretches using your own body or with an aid (e.g. a strap, a foam roller) that helps alleviate tensions. In addition, she'll show you exercises to strengthen your back muscles helping counter the constant slouching from sitting at computers.

To learn more about workshops and seminars, contact me at (917) 670-3081 or at

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