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Gloria is an amazing trainer; she is kind, caring, patient and genuinely interested in the health and well being of her clients.  At the time I started with Gloria, I was in desperate need of motivation to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. I needed to loose weight and tone my upper body to fit in my wedding dress, however I was suffering with chronic lower back and hip pain. I was working with New York-Presbyterian’s Rehabilitation Medical Center and going to physical therapy twice a week and I needed someone who knew how to get me in shape injury free!  Gloria got me there, she gently and effectively pushed me in the right direction, she spoke with my physical therapist and together they devised a plan.

Gloria spent many hours researching my ailments, and creatively came up with different workouts for me. Over a six-month time period I lost 10 pounds, several inches and toned my body, I can even hula-hoop now  :)Thanks to Gloria (and of course, my hard work), I looked beautiful in my wedding dress.  I’ve been a client for about one year now and I look forward to my sessions.  I can honestly say that I like to exercise and go to the gym now; I have never in my life said that. My workouts help de-stress me and help me keep my back and hip pain at bay.


Thank you Gloria!


Valerie Sakas


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Group Fitness

There are three reasons why you should take a fitness class with Gloria Dare.


The first is physical.  Through a combination of isometric exercises, stretching, low impact aerobics, free weights, and balancing, you will develop strength in all parts of your body, but most especially your core.  You will find yourself with more endurance, better posture, and an improved physique.  You'll feel healthier and more vigorous as you lose inches and gain muscle.


The second is psychological. Whatever your shape, size, fitness level, age, or ability, you'll find encouragement in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere that challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone safely and gradually. You will surprise yourself at what you can do and you'll find yourself rooting for your fellow students as you all pursue your personal best.


The last reason is Gloria Dare herself. A warm, funny, interesting woman, Gloria inspires her students. The camaraderie that develops in her classes is one reason why students return year in, year out. In each and every class, Gloria gives of herself – the hallmark of a great teacher.


Samantha MacBride, Ph.D


Dear Gloria,

I want to take this time to tell you how much I enjoy the Ab Attack class offered at Baruch College on Monday & Wednesday evenings. I look forward to registering for this class each semester. 

Unlike other exercise classes that I participate in, where the focus is on cardio/aerobic training, this class directs its workout to the abs and core area on which other classes do not spend enough time. With this workout, I am finding more stability in my core which helps with both balance and posture. This is something everyone should focus on no matter what the age group.

Although the first few classes seemed difficult, within a few weeks I saw a difference in my endurance and ability to complete full range of motion on each exercise.  With that comes definition in my abs as well as tightening in the oblique area.

This is by far one of my favorite exercise classes and I hope the program continues into future sessions. Those who may be wary of trying this class should at least register for 1 session and will be surprised in the results they’ll see at the session’s end.

Thanks for a great workout!

Denise D’Elia


I recently took Gloria's mid-morning Strength and Alignment class and loved what she is offering to a specific population of students. This class is easy to follow, a combination of sculpting with weights, Pilates based mat/core work, and balance exercises. She's fostered a lovely community of members who support each others endeavors outside of the gym. Very nice!

Crunch member

Personal Training

I am a 61-year-old marathoner, so my cardiovascular and legs are strong; however, I wanted to learn how to work on my upper body and especially my abdominal muscles.  Gloria listened to what my goals were and designed a workout program that was specially tailored to my particular needs.  She not only showed me the correct way to use my gym's equipment but also educated me on the correct way to exercise each of my muscle groups.  


At my request, Gloria also educated me about the different food groups and how a properly balanced diet, when combined with the exercise program she designed for me, could result in my desired physical improvements.  As a result of Gloria's training my upper body strength has improved dramatically and I am well on my way to achieving all of the fitness objectives I had discussed with Gloria at our first meeting. 


Oh yea, she also has an wonderfully evil sense of humor, which makes doing inclined sit ups while laughing all the more challenging.  I strongly recommend Gloria Dare as a personal fitness trainer.


Bob Barthels, CFP, CPA

President, Summit Financial Services, Inc.


Gloria is the best trainer I have worked with. Every session she arrives having thought through what we are going to work on and every session she adds something new. And don’t let her gracious Southern ways tempt you into thinking you won’t have to work hard. She’ll have you stronger and more flexible, faster than you ever believed possible.



VP of Corcoran Group


Gloria. I feel like a different person. Walked home last night. You did a miracle. We need another appointment.

Janet A. Davis


I have been training with Gloria since she was teaching Senior fitness at Baruch College many years ago! When I was having a difficult recovery from Knee replacement, Gloria actually came to observe a physical therapy session so she could better incorporate the techniques they were using. Who does that?!
The hour private training always addresses thoroughly principle body areas to work on. She increases reps and weights as needed. I have never had any painful after-effects. Never. We try to meet twice a week, but life sometimes intrudes.
Gloria took my husband as a client during Covid when he stopped attending daily Tai Chi classes.  She studied many videos and read many articles to best address his Parkinson’s needs. She has really kept us both afloat during these challenging times.
In general, I would say that Gloria is constantly training and recertifying herself. She never stops learning. If you are lucky enough to hire Gloria, her dulcet Southern accent and positive personality will calm and strengthen you when she arrives at your place with her large bag of tricks.
Do not hesitate to reward yourself with this gem of an experience!
Debbie Berger
age 79, NYC

Senior Fitness

I’ve been taking Gloria’s classes at Baruch College of Continuing Education for the last ten years. I have taken both the Body Firming Workout class and the Fitness for Older Adults class.

Gloria not only has an inner and outer beauty but is very enthusiastic, motivating and caring as well as having a vast knowledge of all things fitness.

Her structured workouts include a combination of low impact aerobics, the use of free weights, exercises to strengthen the core as well as stretching and balancing exercises.

Some time ago I had a lower hip problem and spoke to Gloria about it.  She took the time to research my ailment and showed me a stretching exercise that has helped me immensely.  As a matter of fact, we now include this exercise in class as part of our regular routine.

I am healthier and stronger and value what Gloria has given to me over the last ten years and look forward to many more years to come.

Judy C.


Been going to Gloria's classes for over five years and very happy with the results. Can't imagine anyone more thorough and conscientious. No muscle group or conditioning issue is ignored and she's always coming in with new tips from courses she's always taking. Basically she's turned my good intentions in reality and I can feel the difference in my daily life.


Big thank you, Gloria!


Nate R.


Gloria is my Salvation. My path to aging with ability, mobility and dignity.

I am 83 and and thankfully take Gloria’s class, “Fitness for Older Adults," which I call “Boot Camp."


It was recommended to me years ago by a 90-year-old woman who lives in my building, and she still does.

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of this class for the minds and bodies of us older adults.  Because, becoming an older adult is both a mind- and body-boggling time in our lives. Which is why we need a teacher like Gloria to have our backs.

I’m thrilled to say that Gloria not only has our backs, but she’s got our arms, our legs, our necks, shoulders, and every other part you can think of.

Thanks, Gloria.  You’re the best!


Barbara S.


I've been working with Gloria for over a year.  I've learned a lot about my weak spots and how to improve them.  She's very patient and thorough.  She explains what she wants you to do and why that would be beneficial for you. I enjoy working with her. 





When as an 87 year old , I am asked "how are you?", my response  is usually "vertical".  I should add "mobile".  My mobility & good physical condition is due entirely to Gloria Dare.

In classes at Baruch, Club H, & Crunch, with both young & older  participants, she coaxed, cajoled & guided us in exercises that  improved our strength, alignment & general wellbeing.  We would leave the classes energized & enthusiastic.


In the past few years, as a private client, I've had the benefit of her one on one attention.  When some part of me acts up, causing  discomfort or pain, Gloria will on her own time, research a solution. She takes notes.  At our next session she will guide me through exercises specific to the problem.  She is gifted, a fitness therapist. I am one of many who are grateful for her care.


Frances Elfenbein

Restorative Fitness

I broke my arm and could not work out for months. My clothes did not fit anymore and I knew I had to do something. I have always hated working out and would do almost anything to avoid the gym. I decided to try a class to force myself to work harder than just navigating my own lazy routine.


Since I began  Gloria’s class I feel stronger and am on my way to fitting into my clothes again! I have not missed a class once in months! I wish I could work out with her every morning! Additionally, she taught me exercises to help my injury (on her own time) not once but twice! She’s a pro and a great lady!


Susan Weil


“I observed 3 other trainers before choosing Gloria. Before starting to work with me she discussed my medical condition and then suggested an appropriate exercise regime. Since working with her there has been much improvement. I highly recommend her.”


Al Pianin


I worked with Gloria throughout my whole pregnancy, right up until two days before I gave birth. She was always very gentle and careful and always gave me a great workout! Training with her gave me the strength and endurance I needed for what turned out to be a long, hard labor and allowed me to have the natural birth experience I wanted.




Three herniated discs. Bending over was not possible. My doctor told me I needed to strengthen my back and help heal my injury. Thank goodness I found Gloria. Training with her has strengthened my back and my core and my arms and my glutes and much more. She has also nourished my soul. Being injured can be so frustrating and Gloria is my biggest champion. She researched and found ways to work every part of my body even when I physically could not bend over. She pushes me when I need to be pushed but always in the safest way. She is warm, caring, and funny. I always enjoy our workouts and am never bored. I am healing faster than I ever would have on my own. And my arms have never looked better.


Gloria is an amazing instructor that anyone would be lucky to have.


Cara L.

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