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Gloria Dare

88 Lexington Avenue #1505

New York, NY 10016


​Career Objective

Use my diverse life experience and educational accomplishments in settings that enable physical fitness learning and growth. Encourage and support others to reach and maintain their fitness goals.



2023 - Myobility Method - Created and designed by Michelle Opperman, combines myofascial release, active stretching, corrective movement, breath, and mind 

2021 - Brain Health Trainer

2020 - ACE Behavioral Change Specialist

2016 - Official Zumba Gold Instructor

2015 - Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness Program - Classic

2014 - Zumba Basic Steps Level 1

2013 - NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

2009 - Spinning Instructor- Mad Dogg Athletics

2008 - Power Pilates Mat 

2007 - Current ACE Personal Trainer 

2006 - Current AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

2006 - AFAA  Kickboxing 


First Aid CPR/AED - American Red Cross - Current

Liability Insurance

Insurance Canopy


Fitness Jobs

2012 - Current 

Crunch Fitness

Group X Instructor Strength and Alignment - 3 classes per week


2008 - 2019

Baruch College - Continuing Education Classes

Group X Instructor - 6 classes per week:

2 Ab Attack classes, 2 Ultimate Body Firming Workouts, and 2 Fitness for Older Adults 


Crunch Fitness

Group X Instructor Zumba 


Baruch College - Continuing Education Classes

Group X Instructor Zumba 

2009 - 2012

Club H

Group X Instructor Old School Workout – 3 Adult Fitness classes per week

2007 - 2009

Excelsior Athletic Club 

Personal Trainer

2007 - 2010

Baruch College - Continuing Education Classes

Mat Pilates Instructor 


2006 - 2007

Crunch Fitness

Personal Trainer


Fitness Training

The Gut and Brain Connection - ACE
Metabolic Mak
eover - NASM

Back Exercise - Exercise Etc

Balance Training - NASM


Functional Core and Balance Program - Functional Aging Institute (FAI)

Parkinson’s Disease

Strength and Conditioning for Seniors


Complete Guide to Foam Rolling



Integrated Flexibility Training - NASM



A Dozen Practical Exercises for Seniors -  Guy Andrews

FXP Hula Hoop Core Flow - Kat Suwalski

Foam Rolling - Recovery, Rejuvenate & Revitalize - Irene Lewis McCormick

Balancing Act - Ilene Bergelson


Prehab vs. Rehap - AFAA



Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness Program - Classic



AFAA FuzeCraze Dance Drills & Skills Workshop



Functional Anatomy 2: Intro to Movement Analysis and Postural Assessment by Brent Brookbush



NASM Corrective Exercise Workshop

FEI Eclipse 

Twist Core Performance with Frank A. Rotella

Body Bar Flex Strength and Fusion with Sherry Catlin

Exercise ETC

Designing Cardio Programs: Extreme Interval Training with Guy Andrews  

Designing Practical Programs: Functional Flexibility after 65 with Steve Bannerot 



AFAA Practical Yoga Instructor Training Workshop

ACE Chronic Musculoskeletal Challenges and Exercise

ACE Functional Training and Assessment Workshop



ACE Exercise for Special Populations

ACE Exercise Programs for Older Adults

Baby Boomer Boot Camp

Orthopedic Modifications for “Baby Boomeritis”

Balance & Fall Prevention / Exercise Programs for Older Adults



Boot Camp Workout Drills



Spinning Orientation Certification - Mad Dogg Athletics

ACE Screening and Assessment for Exercise Programming

Exercise for Chronic Disabilities: Exercise & Lower Back, Chronic Shoulder    Conditions, & Knee Pain



Agility, Stability & Mobility – Exercise Etc. Inc.

Integrated Movement Screens & Assessments- Annette Lang



Marymount College- New York, Functional Anatomy

Marymount College- New York, Teaching Adult Fitness: Group Exercise

Assisted Flexibility Training- Annette Lang



Marymount College- New York, Introduction to Fitness Business



Marymount College- New York, Introduction to Nutrition



Top Two Fitness Accomplishments

Successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa up to Gillman’s Point - 5685m

Finished NYC Marathon


Academic History

1997 CUNY - New York, NY - BS Psychology - Magna Cum Laude

Continuing study of Spanish language with the goal of becoming proficient:

Two weeks Intensive study totaling 50 hours of classroom study in Costa Rica,  Ecuador, Venezuela and Spain

Cervantes - Completed Intermediate 2, 3, and 4


Employment History

International Model - Worked for several agencies; New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, Florence, and Zurich.

Represented Designer Collections and appeared in National Advertising Campaigns.

Fit Model Free Country and A.H. Schreiber Warnaco-New York-House Model.

Participated in all aspects of design and development of seasonal collections leading up to Market Weeks. 

Responsible for collaboration with retail clients on selection and promotion of merchandise.

Provided status reports on purchase and acquisition operations.

Participated in Fashion Shows and Print Ads.

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